HVAC tech cleaning a furnace

As an HVAC contractor, a question I get from a lot of my customers is whether or not a home’s heating system needs to be inspected  or “tuned up”  annually.  The simple answer… YES!

Here’s why both industry professionals and manufacturers recommend an annual inspection of your HVAC system:

1. Prevent Untimely Breakdowns

Do you think if your furnace stops working, it will be on a beautiful 70 degree Autumn day or on Christmas Eve with a house full of guests in sub-zero temperatures? Unfortunately, it’s usually the latter.  I’ve found that a majority of no heat calls during the winter are due to lack of maintenance and could have been avoided with a thorough tune-up.

2. Health and Safety

A good technician will always perform a visual inspection of the heat exchange, looking for temperature stress points or failures. A failed heat exchange can potentially lead to carbon monoxide entering into the home. This colorless, odorless gas can lead to sickness and even death.

An inspection of flue pipes should also be done, making sure they have the correct slope, are drafting properly,  and are in good condition. Along with these visual inspections, a carbon monoxide test of the air in the home and in the flue of the furnace can detect potential problems and hazards.

A gas leak check in and around the furnace can help identify a failed gas valve or loose connection.

Testing the safety switches and features.  In case something were to happen,  check that these features are operating properly to shut down the furnace and prevent further damage.

3. Save Time & Money

Getting your furnace tuned up annually will save you money in the long run. Just like a car, your furnace is mechanical and has lots of parts and pieces. Cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting these parts helps them last longer and keeps your furnace running at optimum efficiency.

A few things to consider:

-Just 1/16th” of dirt build up on a blower wheel can decrease airflow up to 20 percent, cause the motor to work harder, in turn costing more to  operate and leading to premature failure.

-An evaporator coil or heat exchange plugged up with dirt can cause poor air flow, causing the heat exchange to overheat, leading to failure.

-On average, a furnace that is not maintained loses 2%-4% efficiency per year. A 5 year old furnace that hasn’t had maintenance done could be 20% less efficient than it should be. This means 20 cents of every dollar spent on gas/electric to run that furnace is being wasted!

A lot of these problems can be avoided by CHANGING YOUR FILTER!! (I’ll write about this in a future post) and getting your furnace cleaned and inspected annually.

By getting your furnace tuned up, you will save money on your energy bills, prevent unnecessary breakdowns and avoid costly emergency calls.

Scheduling a tune up on your time is much easier than trying to find a technician available on that cold December night.

4. Warranties

Even if you have a new system, tune ups are important. Not only will it keep your furnace running at its peak performance, but most manufactures require annual inspections to honor warranties. Just like changing the oil in your car, preventative maintenance is required.

5. Peace Of Mind

Getting your furnace inspected will let you know it’s current condition and help you and your family avoid any surprises from your furnace in the cold months ahead.

Long Heating & Air, Co is offering a full furnace tune up for just $49. If you have your furnace inspected by us, we guarantee it. If your furnace should break down within one year of tune up, we will return to your home for free and diagnose the problem. Call us today to schedule your tune up!